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Top Reasons to Call a Stump Grinding Professional

Decaying and Old Stumps can Cause Many Problems.
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Overall Home Value & Curb Appeal

Old deteriorating stumps will certainly lower the value of your house, as well as possibly keep individuals from intending to buy it. It may also influence the neighborhood propery value. Call us today for a quote on removing that tree stump down for you.

Keeping A Healthy Landscape

Decomposing stumps draw in disease, rodents, and pests. Oftentimes tiny rodents make homes in these stumps, or even ants can be delighted to move in. The rodents and bugs will certainly soon visit your home. Stop them now, by removing the stump before you’re faced with bigger issues.

Remove Tripping Hazards

Accidents can happen when stumps are left in the ground. Stumps are not always seen, possibly causing someone to trip over them. Children are most prone to this as they play and run in the yard and don’t pay attention possibly causing injury. Call today to remove these hazards.

Questions About Tree Stump Grinding?

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Whether it is for a house or for a business in Fort Lauderdale, stump grinding is sometimes required. Trees age and die leaving a stump that requires to be gotten rid of. Disease as well as pests invade trees leaving them to decay and the stump needs elimination. Storms can damage and also break trees off, which will certainly leave a stump that requires removal. There are a number of reasons you might require a stump grinding service.

Stump grinding Is usually the more cost friendly and less invasive option to stump removal. Stump removal is when you pull the entire stump from the ground with heavy machinery which leaves a rather large hole. Usually tearing up the landscaping around where the roots came out, this is unavoidable. You will also need to haul in dirt to fill the holes and then level the area. After the area is level, sod will need to be laid to cover the area as well as possibly new trees planted. This process is usually much more expensive than stump grinding. 

Your best option is most of the time to go with stump grinding because its more cost effective without leaving your landscape in disarray. A special machine is used to grind stumps down while the tree stump remains in the ground. Tree stumps can be ground to ground level or below the soil, this is up to the homeowner and preference.  

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Fantastic Service!

Fort Lauderdale Stump Grinding give some fantastic service! I called them for a quote and they came out the same day. After accepting the quote they got the stump done within the hour! Thanks again!

- Chris P.

Didn't leave a mess

These guys are grat! I thought i'd be the one to have to clean up the mess after the job was done. These guys left the job nice and clean. I highly recommend this team. True professionals.

- Kristina M.

5 stars!

This team really does a terrific job! They called me really quick to get further information on the job, gave a great quote and did the job really well. The area where the stump was is all clean and ready for sod. Give these guys a call!

- Jared T.

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