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What areas do you cover?

We serve many different areas around Fort Lauderdale all the way down to Miami. Please check out our service areas or give us a call directly.

How do I get rid of a stump in on my property?

We may have some skin in the game, but we highly recommend hiring a professional stump grinding company such as ourselves to handle any stump grinding you need done. The price to rent the machine will be similar except you save yourself the huge headache of renting, transporting, doing the work, cleaning up and returning the machine before the store closes. Call us anytime or fill out the form on this page for us to call you.

After tree stump grinding, do the roots of the tree die?

While stump grinding care for the noticeable remains of the tree, the old tree’s roots are still expanded underground, typically 4, 8 or 12 feet beyond where the stump stood. After grinding, these roots will naturally decay, however it’s a prolonged procedure. It can take 10-plus years for the roots to entirely break down

Which is better, to grind a tree stump or remove it?

The tree stump removal procedure is the more invasive of both alternatives. Grinding is far more effective than stump removal, however, it does leave the tree’s roots behind. If the stump is big, the chip stack produced can likewise be rather large, nevertheless the chips can be used as mulch for other plants in your landscape.

How deep should you usually grind a tree stump?

While the depth depends upon your tree’s type, size, and your property, we typically grind stumps 4-8 inches below ground. If you require us to go deeper to accommodate a specific usage, we can definitely accommodate you.

What is the average cost to rent a stump grinding machine?

$100 to $400.
The typical cost to leasing a stump grinding machine averages from $100 to $400, depending upon where you get it from. The rates for some regional home improvement stores include Home Depot: charges per hour or per day, with around $100 minimum. Lowe’s: charges around $100 minimum.

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