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Tree stump removal is a really important part of tree & landscape maintenance. Stumps can take many years to decay, throughout that time tree stumps can create health and safety issues, as well as various other types of hazards. It is always a great idea to have a tree stump removed, rather than leaving it in place to rot throughout the years.

When stumps are left, they receive water and sunlight which will certainly trigger little sprouts to grow from the existing roots and also tree trunk. These sprouts will never become a big solid tree, and can simply expand sufficient to create dangers or issues. It is best to get the stump removed prior to these sprouts starting to grow.

Liability issues are additionally one more reason, because tree stumps are not always easy to see and can easily be tripped over. These types of injuries can also lead to lawsuits, so it is best to get those stumps gotten rid of as quickly as the tree falls or is taken down. Lawn tools can additionally be damaged by hitting tree roots coming off the tree stump that is left. The blades can be bent, together with pieces of bark being slung by the lawnmower causing damage structures, cars or other property that flying particles hit.

Rats typically nestle in decomposing tree stumps. These rodents love dead tree stumps. After the rodents have made a home in your tree stump, they will certainly be on the hunt for food which could ultimately lead them into your home. Get rid of your tree stumps before you run into other issues. Contact one of our Fort Lauderdale Tree stump removal experts today!

Stump grinding is a process that grinds the stump of the tree without needing the remove the root system. A mechanical stump grinding machine is used to grind at the stump of the tree, leaving only mulch and sawdust deposit. One of the great benefits to stump grinding is you can grind the stump to your desired height. When grinding a stump you can grind it to 1 inch below the dirt and up to about 12 inches below.

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Reasons Stump Grinding is the Better Alternative to Stump Removal

These are the reasons why Stump Grinding is almost always a better choice than Stump Removal for your Home or Business.


Removed quicker

Tree stump grinding is much faster


Less labor intensive

A specialized machine is used to grind tree stumps


No huge hole

Stumps are ground in place with no hole left.



Because they are ground in place turned into mulch.


Mulch to use around landscaping

Mulch from stump grinding can be used around your landscape


Usually most cost effective

Stump grinding is usually the cheaper option

Fort Lauderdale residents and business owners should choose Stump Grinding instead of Stump Removal. It’s the quicker and more cost effective solution

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